Zach Golper x Chefs Club by Food & Wine

“The dough does most of the work”, claims Bien Cuit’s Zach Golper. Slow natural fermentation is that allows his bread to develop a complexity of flavor and trademark mahogany crust. But it’s Zach passion for the craft that truly makes hid breads what the French call bien cuit, or “well baked’.

This night I was kindly invited to taste special menu by Zach Golper in Chefs Club by Food & Wine.

In menu was tartary buckwheat bread with hay-infused cream cheese, rotation bread with pickled mushroom spread, toasted oatmeal bread with apricot and vinegar, and pistachio bread with smashed peas. For the main course was pork confit in raisin loaf with couscous and harissa, and for dessert goat cheese with pine nut milk & fresh herb bread, fresh crottin and olive oil.

Chefs Club
275 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10012
Май 2016
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