Как жили британцы: Kettle's Yard

В Кембридже нам посчастливилось попасть в один потрясающий уютный музей, который даже и музеем не назовешь.

Я занималась английским с преподавателем из Лондона, которая училась как раз в Кембридже, и рассказывала, как проводила время, читая книги в Kettle's Yard. Но сейчас из-за пандемии там проводят только личные экскурсии, на которые нужно записываться заранее на сайте.

Kettle's Yard это дом и рабочее пространство коллекционера Jim Ede.

Вот что пишет об этом Cereal:

'Kettle’s Yard is the creation of Jim Ede who, with his wife Helen, lived in this remarkable house from 1957 to 1973, filling it with his collection of modern art and opening it up to the world. He fell in love with modernism in the 1920s while working as a curator at the Tate Gallery. There he met the artists Winifred and Ben Nicholson: ‘The Nicholsons opened a door into the world of contemporary art and I rushed headlong into the arms of Picasso, Brancusi and Braque.’

They were young and penniless, which always sounds more romantic than it is. Ede’s annual salary was £250; but somehow, art found its way into his possession. In Paris and London he became friends with the artists of the day, who practically gave their work to him; Joan Miró for a drink, Henri Gaudier-Brzeska ‘for a song’, Alfred Wallis for a shilling and Ben Nicholson for nothing at all when Ede – then one of his few admirers – could not stretch to the cost of the canvas and frame'.

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Июнь 2021
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